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Understanding Your Energy Efficiency Certificate

Mar 16, 2014   //   by mecadmin   //   blog  //  No Comments

Energy Performance CertificateEnergy Performance Certificate was introduced to the England and Wales household on August 2007 as part of the Home Information Pack for properties with more than 4 bedrooms and above.  It was revised, extended and added to the “Housing Act of 2004” and has been a requirement for letting properties ever since.


The process of checking the energy efficiency of any household is done by an assessor and includes assessment of heaters, boilers’, appliances, furniture’s windows, insulations, double glazing and many others.




An Energy Performance Certificate includes;

  • The property details,
  • Type of property
  • Date of inspection
  • Floor area of the property
  • The energy efficiency rating 


Energy Efficiency rating for most major appliances is labeled in at least 4 categories

1.       Specific detail of the appliance such as manufacturer, make and model

2.       Electrical Consumption graded A to G

3.       Consumption efficiency, performance and appliance’s capacity

4.       Noise emission rating


Refrigerating Appliances such as wine cooler, freezer, refrigerators and many others is labeled according to the energy efficiency index and categorized in;

1.       Annual Energy Consumption

2.       Food Capacity for fresh food

3.       Food Capacity for frozen food

4.       Noise emission


Most refrigerating appliances are graded for how economical they can be and labeled A, A+, A++ and A+++. 

By 2018, it will be deemed illegal to let a property that does not confer to the minimum standard. Additionally, EPC’s provide recommendations on how to further improve your property and be more energy efficient.  For landlords, it will increase their properties desirability. For Tenants, EPC can help them compare which property is more energy efficient and they can expect lower energy bills.


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