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Student letting – The Pros and Cons

Mar 13, 2014   //   by mecadmin   //   blog  //  No Comments

Letting a property to students is a booming market in the UK. With the steady increase of students seeking higher education as well as the governments’ initiative to provide quality education, the student letting market is estimated to boom more in the coming years.


Student Letting – The Pros

1.       Higher yield is expected due to the high demand of student lettings in the UK

2.       Old, well maintained properties with   many rooms are ideal to start with

3.       If your properties is within or close enough to university area, it is much easier to find tenants.

4.       Higher demand of properties to let is expected and the market is booming.

5.       Short term agreement/contract are more popular with students making it much easier for landlords to commit.


Student Letting – The  Cons

1.       Maintaining the property is a little more expensive

2.       Expect no profit from the property  during summer vacations

3.       Reference and credit check on students are a little harder to get.

4.       More universities are addressing the issue of Student letting so check your area if there are student halls being built as it can be harder to get tenants.


If you are considering letting a property to student, you should place careful consideration with your properties location. Additionally, get ahead of others by doing your research and knowing your target market. Weigh the Pros and the cons and decide whether student letting is for you. 

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