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Selling Your Property – Going Solo

Jun 30, 2014   //   by mecadmin   //   blog  //  No Comments

Many individuals believe that to be able to get the best cost for their house they need to sell it themselves. Why pay lots of cash to an agent for a job that they can do themselves? Even though close to 15% of the homes marketed last quarter were sold without the help of a estate agent, at least half said they would seek the services of an experienced estate agent next time.

This is not to say you cannot complete an effective property sale without an experienced agents help, but a homeowner needs to understand the threats and be as structured and as experienced about the sales procedure as any agent. Here are some things to consider before trying to do things on your own:


Property Value

Realistic market value costs of your property are crucial to stand any chance of first selling your property and secondly for the right price. If you put the price too low you will lose money and. If it's priced too high it will stay on the market for too long and lose interests of potential buyers and you may also lose money/profits due to the gathered expenses from the house staying available on the property market for an extended time frame.

Two years ago, when I marketed my last house, there was a property sale by a proprietor in the same community. The residence cost much higher than it was worth and the last I heard, the property was still available.

Determining the value of your house includes a detailed understanding of your property market sector.  You can begin by doing relative studies of similar like for like properties that are available on the market or that have marketed recently in your area. It's probably a wise decision to seek the services of an evaluator to give you a precise industry value. Local estate agents will offer this service as a prerequisite.



An experienced and knowledgeable agent will promote your house on their own website, in print ads, as well as through online portals such as rightmove, zoopla, prime location and gumtree. You have to contest with this strategy to be able to successfully enhance your exposure. Your house needs to stand out amongst all those properties for sale and the more time it continues to be available on the industry, the more it will cost you in promotion unless you agree up front there is no time limit for advertisement. Normally having your property advertised for longer then six months means there is a problem maybe related to price, market conditions or possibly the agents.

Having your property in the right order according to price and marketing on the main portals will almost guarantee a quick sale in the current market.



One of the key members to a house staying available on the industry more time than necessary is the master's lack of dedication to show the house regularly, and this includes planning and advertising start homes. A certain amount of your energy and effort needs to be devoted each day to marketing your house in order to stand a chance against the rest. Even though there is a serious house shortage in Britain it doesn’t stop hard working buyers wanting to buy at only market value.


Dealing with the Customers

One thing agents do very successfully is narrow out the serious buyers from the window customers or low ballers. You will have to learn how to cope with these individuals and not fall for and provide that you'll repent down the road.

Providing useful information to the potential customer will offer to your reliability. An agent is always ready and knows when and what questions to throw like funding options, expenses of house maintenance related to the purchase, suggestions for house personnel, attorneys, etc.


Meet the Professionals

Get familiar with any personnel, solicitors or marketing people involved in your property sales. You don't want a wait in procedure because you've chosen the wrong individuals to start with.


Knowledge of the Lawful Process

Many property closings have dropped apart due to incorrect or imperfect documentation. Have the necessary legal records ready and know the procedure inside out. Any financial rewards, or blemishes need to be recorded, finalised and dated; spoken contracts does not hold.

If this all appears to be like a lot to think about, it is. Don't worry; many effective property sales by owners do come through, but by home owners who took extra effort to inform themselves on the correct procedure and details of effective residence property sales.  But why bother when there are a lot of reliable people ready to help you sell your property in no time. You just have to find someone you can trust.

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