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Buying a Property for First Time Buyers

When buying anything, the first impression is always crucial. But there is more than meets the eyes when buying a property.  Additionally, taking careful considerations to what you can afford is essential.  Often times prospective property buyers are shocked that there are other miscellaneous costs aside from the cost of the actual property. Being equipped with the right knowledge and […]

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Small Spaces Living – Maximising your Space

As they say, “Bigger is not always better”. There are quite a few appeals in living on places with small spaces especially for people living alone.  The trick is how to maximise your space to be able to get that great place even if the space is small. Below are a few tips that can help you on how to […]

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2 Properties SOLD this week!

A productive week with 2 properties SOLD; one within 24 hours! Properties presented well and priced sensibly have the most chance of selling quickly. For a FREE CONSULTATION and COMPETITIVE FEES **CALL 02476 650600 / 07775 92048. View us at**

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Landlord forced to hand property to council

Plymouth City Council issued an Interim Management Order after a fire in the house, in the Stoke area of the city, revealed that eight tenants lived there but there was no licence for the property to serve as a House in Multiple Occupation. There were also insufficient fire precautions, elements of the property in poor condition and no hot water […]

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Understanding Your Energy Efficiency Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate was introduced to the England and Wales household on August 2007 as part of the Home Information Pack for properties with more than 4 bedrooms and above.  It was revised, extended and added to the “Housing Act of 2004” and has been a requirement for letting properties ever since.   The process of checking the energy efficiency of […]

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Student letting – The Pros and Cons

Letting a property to students is a booming market in the UK. With the steady increase of students seeking higher education as well as the governments’ initiative to provide quality education, the student letting market is estimated to boom more in the coming years.   Student Letting – The Pros 1.       Higher yield is expected due to the high demand […]

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The recent Government announcement that it has set aside £3 million to tackle rogue landlords who place tenants in overcrowded or poorly maintained accommodation is an indication of the serious nature of the growing problem in the private rented sector, says The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC). Poor living conditions has a major impact on tenants and on the […]

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LANDLORDS minimise your TAX BILL!

Whether you are a landlord with a single property or an established one with a portfolio, either way you will benefit from knowing how you may minimise your tax bill by claiming allowable expenses. What expenses can you claim against your property income? Expenses fall into two categories: 1) Revenue – these expenses can be deducted from your rental income […]

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LANDLORDS! Importance of having an INVENTORY

INVENTORIES The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) warns landlords that they are exposing themselves to a greater risk of deposit disputes if they compose their own inventories.  This is supported by recent research which reveals that half of landlords have experienced a dispute over the return of the deposit when their tenant comes to vacate, with 88 per cent […]

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‘Small local agents out-gunning the big boys’ by Stacks

Article of Friday 22nd February 2013 in 'Estate Agent Today' "Small local agents out-gunning the big boys, says Stacks" Property search company Stacks has noted the rise of the smaller estate agent as a marked trend.  The firm says that even wealthy buyers are no longer dazzled by the top-end names – and that smaller, local ones are doing […]

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