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Rental Yield versus Capital Growth

Landlords generate income through property letting by two ways- through rental income growth and capital growth. Let us examine each one of them   Capital Growth is when a property increases in value over time it is also known as capital appreciation. Capital Growth has been growing strong recently, but property value goes up as well as down constantly, and […]

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Buy-to-let – The Secret behind a Booming Market

The UK with its rising residents and a huge deficit of available housing faces a crisis. The deficiency of properties has pushed up house values beyond what people can afford in many areas especially the rural ones.   This has meant some people had to resort to renting instead.  It’s usually much cheaper to rent; additionally for those that are […]

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Buying a Property on a Tight Budget

Home ownership seems like an unattainable dream when you are earning moderate to limited income. You might even feel apprehension with regards to mortgage and the actual cost of realty in the market before jumping into buying a property. However, there are many options you can consider if you are a low-income earner dreaming to become a home owner.   […]

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Good Rental Property You can Afford

Investing in a good rental property is a very big decision to ponder indeed, as the experience can be stressful, time-consuming and the market can be too competitive. So, we would like to offer you some advice that will make it as painless as possible. The decision in buying a good rental property within your means can take time, effort, […]

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Viewing Properties- Getting the Most of it

First thing first is to with regard to vieswng properties, is to  find out all available information about the property as you can like pictures, floor plans, virtual tours if available, brochures online or offline if available and local information with descriptions. You can also call or email the letting agency to check or confirm any information you have or you […]

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A Simple Guide to Moving

MOVING! The very thought of a major change can send chills down our backbone and can cause us to break out into a cold sweats. Experts say that any kind of "change" makes "stress". Moving; especially if we are moving to a new city, symbolizes a huge change and normally delivers a lot of pressure and stress along with it. […]

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Sell Your Home the Easy Way

It is not enjoyable when you want to sell your home but nobody seems to be interested in. Marketing your residence need not be a nasty experience. The first thing in selling your residence is to let other individuals get a glimpse of the same homely experience you had.   The first activity you should do to have a good […]

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Selling Your Property – Going Solo

Many individuals believe that to be able to get the best cost for their house they need to sell it themselves. Why pay lots of cash to an agent for a job that they can do themselves? Even though close to 15% of the homes marketed last quarter were sold without the help of a estate agent, at least half […]

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Early Bird Deals at Maison’s “Get it Fast before they’re Gone”

Though a lot of universities will have student accommodation offered for their students, it is not always assured that everybody will be assigned a place. And with the expected rise of both international and local student enrolees, there is an even larger over demand now for student property in and around the city centre Coventry.   No need to wait till […]

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Buying a Property – Making an Offer

You’ve found your dream property have viewed and inspected it and now you are ready to make an offer.  With the market in a slow pace today, you can actually ask for a much lower offer but keep in mind that the price you are asking for is reasonable or you might lose the chance to buy the property you […]

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