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Buying a Property for First Time Buyers

May 2, 2014   //   by mecadmin   //   blog  //  No Comments

When buying anything, the first impression is always crucial. But there is more than meets the eyes when buying a property.  Additionally, taking careful considerations to what you can afford is essential.  Often times prospective property buyers are shocked that there are other miscellaneous costs aside from the cost of the actual property. Being equipped with the right knowledge and asking the right questions can help you land your dream property.


Viewing the Property Checklist


When looking at prospective property buyers must:

·         Inspect like an inspector- One common mistake buyers tend to so when initially viewing properties they want to buy is that they view it as their own.  Treat the property just as it; a building that you need to inspect.  This way you will be able to see potential problems that require immediate attention.

·         Never buy without viewing it personally. This way you can check whether the property is worth the price. It is also a good idea to view the property in different times of the day so you can check what the neighbourhood is like during different hours of the day. It is also advisable to check the area during rush-hour, during weekends or when the pub closes.

·         Take a closer look at the overall structure. Is there a crack on the wall? Are there places that are damp? Can you smell something musty? Even without the visual signs, you can still check the actual state of the property by answering this few questions.

·         You viewed the properties and indeed there are faults; no need to fret, you can still buy the property provided that you ask a thorough check with the help of professionals in the field. This way you can renegotiate the price afterwards.

·         Make a mental note and be sure to check under, below or behind new furniture, rugs or paint work. Often times they are used ad cover-ups to problems like cracks on the walls or damp.

Be a smart buyer. A potential buyer needs to be practical and not be emotional. It is easy to fall head over heels with a property especially when your dream house id in front of you. Make sure you are level headed and have checked and double checked each detail carefully.

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